Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ribs and Realizations

Today was surreal. The cosmos have a way of conspiring that will really surprise you--and thankfully in this case, pleasantly.

The coming days are bound to be hectic. There's a lot on my plate at the moment especially since it's finals season so to relish the remaining free time I have and not necessarily because it's Julia Child's birthday, I decided to play around in the kitchen.

Pork Ribs with Beer Barbecue Sauce and Buttered Broccoli

It's always a challenge for me to do ribs because I find it hard to cook the portions evenly. It doesn't help that I forgot to take it out of the freezer this morning before I left for work. That could have really saved me some time and would have made it more tender I think. It's not bad at all though; it's juicy and flavorful. I just have to remember to thaw the meat way before cooking time.

I can't help but think that maybe the universe has been waiting for me to thaw all this time. After a while of being frozen, finally, I'm ready--that or it's just the leftover beer talking.


  1. It looks delicioso! Where did you get the recipe?

  2. It's tastes good but too watery! I have to fix that part.

    No recipe, just something I whipped up.