Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cotton On in Manila

The last time I was in Hong Kong, I saw these striped, drawstring shorts that I imagined to fall mid-thigh--perfect for the beach! But alas, I was on a tight budget so I got something else instead. Big mistake. I regret not getting at least one pair up to this day.

DJ Callum David at the Megamall Cotton On store today.

When I heard Cotton On has arrived in Manila, I was excited. The same shorts may no longer be available but judging from my visit at the newly opened Megamall store earlier, I have to come back (preferably when there's less people). I'm not so crazy about the other items but the pants and the shorts look good and inexpensive. I hope they would steam the clothes though. The space already looks messy as it is. The store isn't that big either which explains why there was a long line for the fitting room. But I think Filipinos are getting used to these brands setting up shop here. I wonder if H&M will ever follow suit.

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