Friday, April 06, 2007

Is this life or a bullet train?

It's Good Friday and we're going to join the prosession this afternoon just like we do every single year. It's funny how other peolple, especially folks in the province observe lent very intently and follow every single tradition while others take advantage of the holidays and go on a vacation, booze up and party. Oh well, I respect everyone's decision. It's your prerogative. And quite honestly, I really wanna be in Boracay right now and tan myself crispy and party like it's my birthday.

Gawd, I miss Boracay mucho mucho.

I was in Iloilo last Monday (province) and Tuesday as well as half of Wednesday (city) to visit rlatives and process my NBI clearance for this job in Manila. Man, was that a trip.

Since I no longer live in that apartment I've been renting for almost three years, I had to get a cheap space where I can leave my things, sleep and bathe. I had my target spots and budget. However, thanks to my bowels, I ended up spending five times my supposed accommodation allowance. In short, I had to shit so badly while looking for a place to stay in, I just had to go for the nearest because shit was about to shoot out of my ass. Seriously, I just didn't have time to go somewhere else because my stomach was going balistic. I had to ignore the price just so I can use the toilet and avoid littering all over the streets. Ugh. That's some expenxice shit right there. Anwyay, it's all good. The place was fairly nice and it somehow saved me from public humiliation.

On the serious side, I'm leaving for Manila in a week for a 6-month working contract with a company in Makati, the capital's business district. I'm anxious. I dunno, it's strange how everything is getting serious. I can still vividly remember how I spent my first days of college in a university where I barely knew a soul and in a city over a hundred kilometers away from home. Oh well, memories. I'll miss my friends the most though. The mayhem we are when we're together. I guess everyone in a circle of friends think of it that way. We could all agree that the craziest, wackiest times we've had are spent with our closest BFFs.

Back to my career venture, two friends and co-workers and I are going to stay in a condo. We're gonna be renting the place. I love it there because of the environment. I like meeting new faces in the elevator each ride.
I like the rush. I would know, I stayed there for almost two months last year when I had my internship.


It never fails to amaze me how fast things are.

Life zooms. Drama anyone?l

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