Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I don't what title I should have for this post but it concerns my trip to Manila.

I'm finally here in Manila. It's just strange coz this whole trip doesn't really excite me anymore. Maybe because I'm here to work and not to shop my ass off like the last times I went here? Gawd, I'm so old. I'd have to live on my own means now. The thought really scares me. I know how impulsive I am. Shopping malls are the enemy.

My cousin and I went to Mall of Asia (biggest mall in this part of the world I think) on my first day. Had an okay time there. I was really tired from all the going out and the lack of sleep.

I've been working out by the way. I'm trying you know. After all that booze I downed this past days, going to the gym makes perfect sense.

I'm supposed to post pictures I took when I left the airport going to the condo but I left the camera at the unit. Anyway, I'm too tired to recollect the things that happened in my first days in manila. There's this one thing that stands out though, two words: hook up.

I'm tired and my body is in pain everytime I move a muscle. Wish me luck. Lots of that. I need positivity. I need zest! Whatever. Nighters.

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