Wednesday, April 11, 2007

For Dreams Slash Delusions

I'm back home from what could be my last trip to Iloilo in half a year. That's a long time.

Yesterday was quite a Monday. Hahah... It was filled with "excitement". Ahluvet.

Anyway, I met up with friends. No. I met up with friends and we slept together.

The girls got a little emotional when I had to say goodbye. Actually, I got a little teary myself, thanks to those bitches. It's gonna be quite a while before we get together again. And you know what lengthy separations do to relationships. *sigh* Oh well, God knows what we'll be like with each other a year or two from now.

Here I go again with the drama.

Bottom line is, I'm soo sooo soooo thankful to have found such great friends. Really. College wouldn't have been the same without them.

I've been saying I'm leaving for Manila in half a week and I still don't have a friggin' ticket. How awesome. I'll deal with that tomorrow. Gawd, there's like a million things on my to-do list. I really should start packing tomorrow. I mean really, I have what, three days left?! Ugh. By the way, airlines should really increase the baggage weight allowance in their flights. Seriously. Otherwise, I'll be hopelessly broke by the time I get to Manila for hauling excessive crap.

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