Friday, April 20, 2007

Random Rants

Hair Talk
I had a P300 haircut today. I'm not ecstatic about the result but at least my hair looks mnore respectable now. I've been meaning to get a haircut. In fact, I wanna hunt for this salon(?) in Jupiter St. Makati where there's this Korean guy who cuts hair. The haircuts he does are apparently edgy and unconventional. I read about him in thew papers I think or magazine. Anyway, I didn't have time to scour the Makati district for this chink-eyed haircut master so I just went to Gateway's Menage Salon.

Do I have STD?
My two friends slash future co-workers slash hoursemates are scheduled to have our medical check-up tomorrow. That means I have to put a sample of my shit in a bottle or jar first thing in the morning. I hope the results turn oput fine.

State of Mind
About this whole boredom, uninspiration thing, well, I think I'm doing better. I hope I'll keep feeling better in the days to come. I mean really, I'll start working in two days and I'
m very anxious about it. I don't wanna screw up.

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