Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex, The City and Me

Greetings from Greenbelt Makati!

Remember how much I want to see the Sex and the City movie and attend some sort of special premiere event or something? Well, there was a special screening 2 nights ago and I missed it because I had work. Ugh.

Since I'm incredibly free tonight and since I'll be out of town tomorrow, I figured I should take advantage of the time I have. Sadly though, I seem to be the only one available tonight. Nobody, not even the names on the bottom of my list is freakin' free. WTF?! That or they just really don't want to go with me. Either way, "fuck them" I thought. So here I am. Out and all alone on a Friday night . Social suicide much?

I got here a little over 10 PM. I wanted to catch the 10:50 PM screening but it's all sold out. I'm not surprised. I got the last full show ticket for 12 AM so I have almost 2 hours to kill. I think I've had enough people (and outfit) watching so I decided to wait in this Internet lounge.

This movie better not suck.

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