Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shopping: In Sickness or In Health

Gloomy Friday
Greetings from the office I badly want to get out of.

Still sick here. Can you believe this weather? Ugh. I’m all for winds and clouds but a typhoon is way too much. The perfect weather for me is 30% sunlight, 70% clouds with mild to strong winds and zero rain, drizzling, moisture whatsoever. This is the perfect opportunity to wear jackets, scarves, hats, sunglasses and what-have-you altogether.

Speaking of the weather, it might be the reason why I still have this flu. It sucks because I had my rest days Thursday and Friday and yet rest is the last thing I had.

Right after my shift Thursday morning, my cousin and I went to Divisoria. It was fun but very exhausting. I would have bought tons of stuff if I were a girl but shopping for guy clothes at Divi is a lot harder since there’s not much variety. Anyhow, I settled for 2 mid-length shorts, one of which some fashyon people call smart shorts and I love them. The fit and length are perfect. These are the ones with no side pockets which make them look less casual and more chic if I may say so. Got it for P600 which I know is a little pricey for a Divi buy but it is way more affordable than the ones in malls. The other one is the more, I would say passé checked cargo short pants which I got for P330. I think it’s a steal.

Friday, I spent half of the day dragging myself around the condo. I was still feeling terrible then and our busted TV made it worse. Thank god for DSL and our crappy laptop which kept me pre-occupied until I realized being idle will not make me feel better and will just rather let me entertain bullcrap which seems to be a staple in my daily thoughts.

So I took a bath and arranged to meet up with a good friend at Mall of Asia at 4 PM. I wore the smart shorts I got from Divi which proved to be indeed a smart choice especially paired with my ancient Havaianas Top since it was raining.

MOA here I come. This portion is brought to you by Chocquik.

Anywayyyy, it was already 4:30 when I got there and I haven’t even had lunch by then so I went to Sbarro for some big ass pizza and pasta. I like this place a lot because of the simplicity of the food, the big servings and the unpretentious ambiance.

My friend arrived a little over 5 and bitch brought company! I couldn’t stand it. She brought her boyfriend with her and another female friend. WTF?! I have trouble mingling with new acquaintances you see and I was not in the mood to put my best foot forward and pacify the shit I usually say to my good friends. Gawd. I think I’m a generally nice person really but it’s just not very obvious most of the time.

It’s a good thing my friend managed to get his boytoy and her friend to wander around separately so we could comfortably talk about unrated stuff and share private jokes. I initially wanted to get a haircut but I got too tired for that. I finally bought a much needed new pair of flip-flops and a lip balm though so yay to that. I guess it was a pretty productive trip to the mall huh since I also did a little grocery shopping to cap it off.

I didn’t feel any better physically by the time I got home but a slight retail therapy does wonders to the heart and mind. There goes half of the rent.


MedRep guy is still MIA. I never liked deleting numbers from my phone but I might need to do that soon. Oh well.

Update: Breaking News: Not even 30 minutes after posting this, MedRep Guy sent a message. 'Mornin!' he said.


What the hell is that? It's not even a proper greeting. Whatever.

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