Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ugh. Please.

Gawd, I miss writing entries from the office. The corporate Nazis have had their panties up in a bunch lately so they’ve been keeping an eye on everybody very closely. My supervisor alone has been paranoid like there’s an impending war or something. Bad vibes. Now I understand his concerns but Jezus Christ somebody needs to take a chill pill.

I swear to god I am dying to get out of this company. As soon as I get a considerably good deal in another line of work (something I actually like), I’ll be scramming out of here like my bum was on fire. I intend to go home to the provs first though before diving into my new career. Shit I just jinxed that.

Again, I need a break, yeah and a serious relationship too. You see I actually just realized that my love/sex/dating life, as I have observed, is directly proportional to my career. What I have now is something I settle for, for the meantime until the right one comes along. Until my big break is around, these are the things I have to suck in (no pun intended) for now while trying to survive. The thing is what if that time never comes? What if this big break (whether for my career or romance) doesn’t exist at all? What if I am destined to be an underpaid, overworked (?), sleep-deprived, socially challenged single guy who occasionally sleeps around and will never have a serious romantic partner?!


Well, it’s simple actually. That just basically means I’m doomed, fucked (in a bad way), in deep shit and might as well just give it up and slit my wrist.

Hmm… I should write these entries more often when I’m not so pessimistic, just like now. I’m serious, this is about as positive as I can get.

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