Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sniff Sniff

I'm sick in more ways than one.

This runny nose with a free-flowing uhm... juice is definitely not making things better at work. I feel a little feverish right now and I sense an impending sore throat. Ugh. I hate being sick.

Anyway, I met up with MedRep guy the other day --although he says he's more of a Medical Specialist now since he's a notch higher than the regular representatives, whatev. I invited him over and we talked for a while. It was quite strange. It's the first time we've seen each other and we've only known of each other's existence for less than a week then, and now he's sitting in our living room talking about work, family and his educational background while sipping on his frapp. It's definitely refreshing and nice, unless of course he was lying all the fucking time but I highly doubt it.

He was very polite and seemingly honest although a little too serious. He was shaking and uneasy so I asked him, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he responded and asked if I had a ciggie around. I was a little disappointed at this point. A smoker?! Ugh.

This is how, the rest of the conversation wen:

"You're shaking, are you sure you're okay? Do you really NEED to smoke right now? Are you like, craving for it?"

"Yes, can we go down and get a pack?"

"Are you sure that's the only reason why you're shaking?"

*Mentally smirking*

"I'm also a little anxious"


"Are you a chain smoker?"

"No. But I haven't smoked in a day and a half."

"Doesn't that make you a chain smoker already since you smoke everyday?"

"No, a chain smoker gets to another stick even before finishing the previous one. I'm not like that."

I still can't decide which one is worse, the chain smoker or his kind who finishes every bit of the cancer sticks. And by the way, he also told me he burns ten sticks a day. WTF?! Those lips had me fooled.

After convincing me to go with him buy a pack of his nicotine fix at the ground floor and after he finished a stick of Marlboro Lights, which was followed by mint gum that I demanded, we went on to do something else. The thing is, we still talked about a lot of stuff after that. Usually, it's like wham, bam, goodbye sam! End of story. Bye. Period. But not this one.

He took a bath, while I cleaned up the crime scene. Then I ate pan de sal with peanut butter in my torn t-shirt and shorts while he's at the dining table telling me how tamad I am which apparently gave him a headache since he asked for a Biogesic. We talked about random topics from work to independent living and stuff. Very sweet setting if you ask me until reality sets in.

He had to leave a couple of minutes after that since he had work and his day was just about to start. I, on the other hand, was itching for a shower and go to bed. I went with him to the parking area as he had requested and got back to my place when he drove off.

That was 2 days ago. The next thing I heard from him is "mornin" and that's after I sent my own morning greeting. How cold right? This was yesterday.

Am I expecting too much again? I'm surely not anticipating marriage but a second rendezvous would be good. Maybe dinner?


I dunno anymore. I sound so foolish, I know.

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