Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nasty Cabbies and Slight Shopping

Time is indeed the ultimate luxury. And what better way to spend it than to literally spend some hard-earned money, right? Fine, not really but today, since I was free the entire afternoon, I went to the mall (Mall of Asia) to do a little shopping.

First, I need to vent.

I hate, no, I loathe opportunistic, ill-mannered cab drivers. I understand the economy is sinking and life is rough but there's no need to be an asshole about it. I know fuel costs are skyrocketing and rice, or rather everything, is more expensive than ever. I know all that. I live in this country too.

Unfortunately, we happen to share the same president and the same economy. So don't don't tell me that you have to charge an extra P10 because fuel cost is as at an all-time high. I'm fully aware of that dammit. It's not even the money that's the issue but the way you ask for it. Your attitude is as nasty as the stench of cigarette encapsulated within your vehicle. If you'd like a tip, at least be polite enough when asking for it. Otherwise, just forget it and take what ever the amount is indicated on the goddamn meter (until of course the most-awaited automatic P10 addition regulation takes effect which I know for a fact is still 3 days away).

Don't let my pathetically ambitious and frivolous li
festyle fool you. I happen to think taking cabs instead of the bus, LRT/MRT, or jeepneys is a luxury. Just like you, I also pay ridiculous amounts for taxes that seem to go nowhere but to the bank accounts of our lovely politicians. This crisis is affecting all of us here so don't use it as a reason to take advantage of another person who also works his ass off just to get whatever shit is in these shopping bags. That's all.

Alright, now that it's all out of my system, let's move on shall we?

The number one thing I needed was a basic brown belt--something versatile and durable for daily wear and also great style-wise. I found this at Topman and I think it fits the bill. It's basic, it seems durable and it's not that expensive for a leather belt.

Then I got these shorts for swimming. I know, summer is over but this is not some regular piece of swim wear. Board shorts are fine but this is a great alternative for times when you want to be more adventurous. They're short enough to expose my gams and long enough to cover my balls. Perfect!

I intended to buy a shirt but nothing was really worth it so I bought a book instead. April Timbol Yap first came up with The Incredible Lightness of Being Burgis, which I like so much, and now here's Stressed in the City-- an ideal read for some light and fun literary fix.

Before going home, I had coffee and a forgettable carrot cake at Figaro and bought a roasted chicken for me and my sister. The chicken is still untouched at the table and which is why I have to go. I'm starvation central like a Somalian kid.