Monday, July 07, 2008

RIP: Chikatime

Yun lang pow?!

What?! Oh my god. I don’t believe this. Chikatime is officially gone? That’s it? It hasn’t even been half a year yet.

The more scandalous real-life, Filipino version of Gossip Girl authored by a couple of girls and a gay guy has been missing for a couple of days. It has been an invitation-only website lately until today when they posted a farewell entry and even apologizing to those they have offended. The blog has been notorious among the high-brow society figures and the fashion set of Manila because of the juicy contents exposing the alleged skeletons of everyone from fashion designers to famed social butterflies. For three deliciously controversial months, no one was spared as each blog entry exposed Manila society’s dirt in full vulgarity.

I wonder which powers that be is behind this. Is that Tim Yap I hear laughing his ass off?

Despite the occasional distasteful bashing and the unnecessary hate towards Bryanboy, I have to admit I was hooked. Boy did we indulge on that one didn’t we? The dirt was good. I bet even the “featured” celebrities enjoyed it themselves. Or not.

Great. Where do we get our daily dose of local society gossip now? I’m having withdrawals already.

Update: Apparently, it's Jenni Epperson that had the website shut down. Ooh...

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