Saturday, July 12, 2008

Random Rants


I’m doomed. This is the end of an era. After 7 years of use and abuse, I think our old school, clunky laptop has given up on me and my sister. I have no idea how I’m going to live with this.

I want to get a new one but I’m totally out of cash. Besides, I should be saving up for something. It doesn’t help either that Citibank disapproved my credit card application. Ugh. HSBC, you’re my only hope.

Pump It!

How the hell do I lose weight pronto? Or at least just lose my gut. Jeezus, it’s so hard to lose weight and tone my body. Seriously, I have been working out lately, and while I can see some improvement, I can’t seem to get rid of my disgusting tummy.

Yes, no matter how tedious, I’ve been hitting the gym lately whenever I have free time. So far, I have endured the smell of sweat mixed with glass cleaner/shiner and almost vomited on one occasion. I’ve also had short conversations with 2 grown foreign men who obviously have been working out a lot.

I honestly, don’t like going to the gym. It’s like studying; something you have to do but don’t necessarily enjoy. It’s too boring. My brother used to work out every single day. I also have a cousin who misses school because of minor reasons (i.e. headaches, oversleeping) but doesn’t have any problem spending 3 hours at the gym every single day, rain or shine. Now that’s dedication. I can barely last an hour.

Meet-up #5640254

I met up with Mr. Lawyer the other day. It was fun. We just had coffee at Kopi Roti. He’s cute, very intelligent and well-travelled. I was actually a little intimidated. But I think I was decent enough since he sent me a text message right after we parted. “I’m sorry I had to run. Do I get to see you again?”

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