Saturday, October 04, 2008

Boring Friday

I'm so bored right now I can just die and I'd still be bored. My life is really pathetic. Don't get me wrong though, I'm thankful I don't have "real" problems. Seriously. Boredom beats cancer any day.

As usual, just so I can say I am doing something with my life, I hit the gym and went to the mall afterwards. I didn't really have anything important to do except for small personal errands. I just wanted to get out and walk around AND take my new bag out.

I know it doesn't look special but I love it. It's simple and it has lots of compartments. It even goes with a laptop jacket. The picture doesn't give it justice.

The world seems uninteresting (or perhaps uninterested) today except for this Topman shirt which is so me, so I bought it.

Gawd, I'm so bored. I mean, thank god I'm healthy.

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