Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fashion Frustration

The cosmos are playing with me. Everything about me is a mess.

It's official. This is not the fashion week I will get to attend. My friend and I had to give up our tickets because of work. So we're not going to tomorrow's shows. I won't get to wear the outfit I had in mind and I especially won't get to rub elbows with the local fashion scenesters.

This got me so depressed I thought cooking would get my mind off of it and make me less frustrated. Bad idea. It's edible but it's the worst tuna pasta I've made so far.

Anyway, my pimple and I will stay in tonight for a quiet, Philippine Fashion Week-less evening.

I know it's crazy. I hope this is the last time I write about this season's third world fashion week.


  1. James, ako rin. =( some people i invited backed out. some went out of the country. iniwan nila ako...

    hence, booze sessions na lang. sayang! =(

  2. Hi there James, I was thinking if you want to go for tonights fashion show (5:30 p.m) cause my name is on the guestlist but I can't make it, so hhhmmmm, if you want you can use my name and get the inv. contact me here if you want 09278069610. c'mon! check your blog now!!

  3. Hi Xernan! OMG! Was that for tonight (Sunday)? That is so sweet of you. But it's alright. I did a lot of things today with friends which was planned a week ago. I REALLY appreciate it though. Thank you, thank you! :)