Monday, October 27, 2008

My Sunday All-Day Bender

This is the last rant about Philippine Fashion week. I swear.

This is supposedly the ticket that would have let me take a peek into this season's Philippine Fashion Week yesterday (Saturday). It's for the luxe wear collection. The ticket was issued by Ilonggo designer Eric delos Santos and was given by Vincent (Thanks much!), my friend H's sister's friend.

Meanwhile, I would like to thank Xernan for offering to give me his slot at today's shows (see comments on last post). That's really awesome.

Speaking of today, my Sunday was very hectic but fun. I only had 3 hours of sleep because I had to go to H's sister's place in Makati for a little lunch party. I spent the entire day with H, her sister Frances, their cousin Patricia and their friend Vincent at Greenbelt---oh and with Ellesse, Frances' pet chihuahua.

Together with 2 of their nephews, we hit up Timezone for an afternoon videoke spree, then went to Fresh Bar for some drinks, went around Greenbelt 5, and attended mass at 7:30 PM. We headed back to Frances' condominium unit afterwards to have dinner which was followed by Coke and Black Label. Yes, we had Johnny Walker at 9 PM on a Sunday night.

By the way, M and I coincidentally met up this evening just shortly after the mass ended. It turns out he was also in Greenbelt so he, I repeat he, told me we should meet up. We did. We talked about a couple of things but not enough to clear things out. One thing surprised me though. He has been reading my blog so he knows what shit I've been up to lately.

Oh well. I feel and look like a zombie right now so I'm out of here.


  1. James, sorry! Guess what. We were able to enter the finale without having invites or whatsoever. We just told the bouncer we wanted to watch the show so we got in. Another friend of mine was able to get in without having invites or gl's last 26th. He even had pictures with Veejay and Aries Lagat. Anyways, aww. I wish you all the best. =)
    A pitcher of Margarita, puhlease senyor!

    Keep well

  2. Erin! Jealousy all over! I'm almost over this fashion week fever though. We all have to move on at some point. I'm glad you made it. Hope to see you next season.

  3. We will! =) My friends will be coming too! hahaha! =)