Thursday, October 09, 2008

Random Rants

Fashion Week - Third World Style

Whose ass do I have to kiss around here to attend the shows?

I have been wanting to go to Philippine Fashion Week shows but I have no idea how to make it possible. Can anyone tell me how I can score a ticket aside from the text raffle Smart is offering?

I'm a nobody so invites or front row seats are out of the question. I just want to be there and witness the local fashion scene unfold before me.

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Remember that trip that I made to Ilolo while on vacation? Like I said, I was invited by a friend who is also a former editor/teacher of mine at the univeristy to speak in front of his class. It turns out the students were tasked to make a personality profile story starring yours truly.

Now, their manuscripts were sent to me for evaluation and my god am I blown away by the things they wrote about me. It's fucking hilarious, embarrassing and touching all at the same time.

Apparently, one of these bitches thought I was wearing a tigh-fitting blouse, another thought I look chubby, and a lot of them agree that I have pouty lips and I dress up well! Craziness all over. I'd cringe once in a while but it's all good. Just the right diversion I need while drowning in a sea of boredom bordering to depression.


  1. i would love to attend the phil fashion week. i actually sent the organizers a letter about how to get tix. actually, some of my friends were able to attend the recent phil fashion week dahil mga kaibigan pala nila yung mga designers na yun. i texted some of my friends to give me "passes" but until now, wala pang nagrereply. one told me, though, that tix are available sa smx moa. let's watch, james!!!

  2. Really? Well, this former model I was chatting with months ago offered but I was too busy with work! Ugh.

    Anyway, I'd love to go. My sister and I are interested.