Thursday, December 04, 2008

Death of a Stranger

Life truly is unpredictable. It's scary how life itself can vanish in a flash.

Over a year ago (September 11, 2007), someone sent me a message online. We exchanged greetings as well as pictures. It turns out he's an office mate of mine. I didn't know him personally but I've seen him around the workplace. I particularly noticed him because of his good sense of fashion. We never heard from each other ever again after swapping short messages.

Since then, through my usual web surfing, I found out the guy is connected with the local fashion industry and is a very active party scenester.

Then last night, while catching up on one of my favorite blogs, I was shocked to find out he's dead. Apparently, his body was found in his apartment a few days ago. I'm not sure what the cause of death is but it seems he was murdered based on the blogger's statement.

I've never spoken to him in person nor were we introduced to each other but for some reason, the tragic news left me shocked for a couple of minutes. I even got scared for my own life. It's really strange, sad and definitely shocking.


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  1. friend of mine told me about this

    was this of chuvaness

    a stylist i think