Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hometown Hangover

Not more than two days after coming back to Manila and I already want to get home for more vacation. There's nothing like waking up to a hot breakfast and not having to worry about doing the house chores and the only problems to have are the outfits to wear and where to go. My parents' spoiling is one of life's greatest gifts.

Another thing I love about being home, and being in my hometown in particular, is I feel rich when I'm there because everything is so affordable. One hundred pesos can buy you a decent lunch and still have enough left for transportation fare. Then there's the smooth traffic. In fact, I don't even mind walking from point A to point B because everything is nearby and the air is much less poisonous.
(Casssansra, Ema and moi) We're okay.

Who doesn't enjoy getting shit-faced once in a while--especially when you're with friends whom you haven't seen in a long time?

San Antonio Resort - my new favorite place in Roxas City.

I didn't get to work out that week so I went swimming instead. I was with friends but they opted to stay on dry land. I had a great time nonetheless.

Pet-pet, Cassandra, Hanna and yours truly just before leaving San Antonio

This resort has an infinity pool. San Antonio is a couple of steps from the beach but the pool stretches out unto the lake where guests can also go boating. There's a bar in the pool area but it's unfortunate they didn't have some of the items on the menu available when we were there.
San Antonio also offers buffet dinners at night.

The location is perfect. It's very near the beach and the whole place is just relaxing but still exciting. Bars, a bowling park and other food places are within a stone's throw away so the area is idyllic.

There's a lot more that I did during my short escape from the metro that I now miss but enough about that. I'm back in the big bad city and I won't be able to take another vacay until months from now. Maybe I'll just have another date with myself this weekend and make use of my tax refund.

Speaking of taxes...

...would you entrust yours to me?



  1. I say MAYOR MAJOR HEARTHROB. Hahaha! tama ba spelling ko? I think kulang pa ng isang T. Dapat dalawa ang T. like TT. =) Anyhow, bitch, james, bitch ang mga punyetang kaaway ko!!!!!!!!!!! =(

  2. Thanks! Hahahah... Don't mind the haters.