Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Let me take a break from all this Hong Kong hangover blogging. I still long for the cold weather, the egg tarts and the shopping, but the reality of it is I'm back in the prime hub of the third world that is Manila. And boy was I reminded of this during an initially uneventful jeepney ride on my way to work just last night.

I was mentally bitching about the damn traffic and the pollution when this girl seated on the opposite side squaled, "Cell phone ko!" Then the next thing I saw was a boy, probably a teener, dashing away from the vehicle with the poor lady's phone with him.

Understandably so, the girl was spaced out throughout the rest of the ride while the jeepney was barely moving through the awful traffic jam. Staring at the few people with black marks on their foreheads, I can imagine how terrible and helpless she must have been feeling.


That's Manila for you.

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