Sunday, February 15, 2009


OMFG I'm a part of the Top 20 winners of the Nuffnang "My Shopaholic Confession" Contest and I have a chance to win a limited edition signature bag! This is the first time I joined a Nuffnang contest, or ANY contest for that matter in a long time, so it's uber exciting. But the bad thing is the awarding is tomorrow and I am leaving for HK early in the morning! Ugh. How awful since the prizes will be forfeited if the winner is missing in action.

Aside from getting to see the Confessions of a Shopaholic movie tomorrow before anyone else does, there will also be GCs and free exclusive merchandise inspired by the film, as well as a chance to mingle with fellow Nuffnang bloggers and of course a 1/19 shot at winning the grand prize.

It's very unlikely but if for some reason, the cosmos play a sick joke on me and I turn out to be the winner of that goddamn Gucci bag and I won't get it since I'm not around, I will either just kill myself or willingly admit yours truly to a mental institution. I swear to god.



I have a headache. I'm not finished packing yet. I have to call my credit card provider. There's just tons of things to do. Gawd.

But I'm really psyched. Thanks Nuffnang and those who took time to read my entry. I'd love to hang out with the other bloggers but I guess maybe next time. For now, Hong Kong here I come!

Fine. The bag is definitely for females but Gucci is Gucci. Right Celine?

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