Friday, February 13, 2009

Coming Out to a Stranger I Won't Have Sex With

Have you ever been asked about your sexual preference during a job interview?

When I learned we have to move out by May, that same night, I panicked like a psycho bitch. I was compelled to apply for a couple of new jobs online for some reason. Yesterday, I had an interview for the Events Associate position and somewhere between talks about my credentials and interests, the interviewer asked me, "Are you straight?"

After breaking into a smirk, I replied, "I'm not. I don't like labels so let's just put it that way."

She said there's no problem with it at all. But why the hell did she ask that? I'm not offended or anything, just puzzled.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll get the job. But I must have done quite well because I came back today for the final interview. They'll endorse my papers for the EA position and even offered another job as a sales executive. But I turned down the latter. I am not interested in selling "high-end office equipment" thank you very much. I can sell myself pretty well though. Is that why she asked that question? Did she want to know prospective customers?

Gawd, I hope I don't read this post one day and regret having been so damn picky.

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