Saturday, February 21, 2009

Random Memories of HK

-We got lost at the airport. Neither of us realized we had to take the Airport Express MTR from the arrival area to baggage claim. The airport is massive needless to say. But it is very clean and there are signs everywhere.

-We stayed at the BP International. We booked our hotel reservation through Agoda and they rated it as a four-star property. It was a really good deal. I'm glad we stayed there.

-If you know how to read, you will not get lost in Hong Kong. Their railway system is dynamic and incredibly efficient. It's really impressive.

-The weather when we were there was gorgeous! It was around 17-20 degress. I loved it.

-There was this time when we took a cab from the Temple Maket to go back to our hotel which is along Austin Road. It was just a few blocks away but the driver didn't really hear us correctly and thought we were going somewhere else. When it was time to pay, the meter read HK$25 so I handed him the money but he gave back the HK$5. And he insisted too!

-The vendors at the Ladies Market (Tung Choi) are so, uhm, persistent! It was crazy. I got scared at some point. Tip: do not ask for the price if you have no intentions of buying the damn thing and do not even think of telling them about your asking price if you know what's good for you. They will match it and will go psycho bitch if you don't make the purchase. It was pretty funny but quite inappropriate.

-The egg tarts at KFC are sooo good.

More pictures as soon as I get a copy from my friend/travel buddy H.