Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Rants


Two nights ago, I got a phone call from a relative. I knew it. There was something up. Basically, we have to move out of this condo in 3 months because it will get renovated and the rent will be multiplied by more than 2 times the current cost. I understand though.

Just thinking of looking for a new apartment in Manila already stresses me out but I'm quite excited. Oh well.

No H2O

Thank god the water supply is back! Imagine having none of this in over 48 hours! The management did let us know beforehand and provided some rationing during selected times in the day but still. Everything was supposed to go back to normal this Sunday noon but the faucet was still dry by Monday night! Maynilad you better straighten up your fucking act.

Hello Hong Kong

Just one more week. I'm crossing my fingers.

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