Thursday, December 16, 2010

Still Alive

What is it like to blog again? My gawd, it's been ages!

Between work and the unending academic responsibilities I've had to deal with lately, plus my fucking throat, which I'm seriously considering getting surgically removed--the tonsils that is, it has been very hard for me to feel the Christmas spirit.

Remember that guy I was talking about in my last post? Yeah, well he's history. We had a petty argument last week and since then we didn't bother to patch things up. I think we both knew it wasn't working out. He was great as a date. But I just couldn't see myself being with him for the rest of my life and this perception is most likely mutual. Anyway, we all saw this coming didn't we? The most heartbroken  person in this situation however is my housemate who really liked the guy (for me) a lot.

It's probably a good idea to stay single for a now. I don't know if I can juggle a serious relationship together with school and work. It astounds me though how I was able to squeeze in a very late lunch with MFG today considering I had a major presentation afterwards for school.

How about you? If you haven't done any Christmas shopping yet, you're not alone. I guess I'll see you at the check-out lines!