Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bloom Bloom Pow

When you see someone walking around carrying a bouquet of flowers, how do you feel? Do you sigh longingly? Smile? Utter "Lucky bitch!"?

"Modelling" a bouquet from TF's "Me So Pretty" Designer Series (Shot by Darrel Pobre)

It's fascinating how a bunch of fauna that will eventually wilt can really affect someone's mood. Call me Martha Stewart but if I would have it my way, I'd put a fresh bunch of flowers on display in the house each day. They just add so much life to the place much like the way fresh fruits do. Fake ones just don't cut it.

If I can push it even further, I'd get my blooms from Tecson Flowers. Last night, I got invited to check out a few pieces from their designer collection. I was surprised to see how they incorporated fabrics like denim, gingham and satin into the charming arrangements. As you can see, these flowers are so pretty they make me look like the delivery boy! Hahah...

Tecson Flowers is a family venture which has been around since 1975. That's over 3 decades of expertise in the business. They offer a plethora of flower varieties (orchids, lilies, roses, etc.) and arrangements which can be ordered online and get delivered in no time. TF also rents out plants.

Here are some of my favorite arrangements:

"Office Space" $18.00 (Php792.00)

"Braveheart" $79.00 (Php3,476.00)

"The Devil Wears Prada" $108.00 (Php4,752.00)

What a perfect time to talk about flowers since it's the season of hearts. It doesn't matter if you're single. Just order yourself some Tecson Flowers and be that lucky bitch.

You can visit Tecson Flowers branches all over Manila, check out their blog or website or call 939-9019 / 0917-832-7663 for orders or inquiries.


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