Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yo Iloilo!

All I'm missing is pay Antique a visit and this would be a Panay Island tour. This January alone, I've flown into Iloilo, Kalibo and Roxas airports.

Today, I went on a day trip to Iloilo City to see a doctor. I was also hoping I'd meet some friends. Unfortunately, only one of them bitches was available.

What I like about Iloilo City is the fact that it's quite developed but there's less traffic and pollution. It's getting its very first Starbucks soon. Everything is just a few minutes away and it's not a very expensive place to get around in. What I don't like is there's really not much to do there but eat, go to the mall, and party at night. Nonetheless, this place has a special place in my cold, hard heart.

For lunch, I braved the afternoon heat to visit JD Bakery Cafe. You know, it's not the place, it's not even the taste of the food. It's the fun memories that I get to relive from dining here. I had their baked mac, chicken a la king, fried chicken, some baked sweets and juice. For only P123.75, that was an enjoyably filling meal. Too bad my old phone failed me so I didn't get to take pictures of my food...

Which is why I took the liberty to use some other people's photos. :)

JD Roadhouse

The service was prompt and polite. The only disappointing part of today's trip to JD was the restroom. It was flooded. There's no excuse but I'm pretty sure today was an isolated case.

I was in SM City when my phone died. I couldn't find a place to charge so I was forced to go to this new place called Cafe Laguna. I only had hot tea and maja mais since I was still stuffed. The latter was actually not bad if not a tad too sweet for my taste. What threw me off is they charge P50 per hour for charging, and P20 if your order amounts to at least P200.

The service was not exemplary but the restroom was clean and appropriately lit---although they failed to replace the toilet paper. I paid P155.00 and you know what the P50.00 was for.

The rest of the afternoon was spent going around the mall waiting for some relatives to pick me up. I need to visit this place at least twice a year. I know I said there's not much to do here, but you know that saying about seeing with new eyes? Yeah, that.

Photos: flavoursofiloilo.blogspot.comexploreiloilo.com



  1. I love P.I. I cant wait to go again and eat at Chow King! Yummm