Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Rants

Home Cookin'

Lately I've been doing everything but my homework. I did the laundry, cooked several meals and slightly cleaned my room. But the paper I'm supposed to submit this weekend? Let's not talk about it.

My knowledge about cooking is still limited so last night I decided to make herbed chicken yet again. I paired it with garlic mushrooms topped with cheese. I usually eat it with rice but this this time I went for pan-grilled bread instead. It turned out pretty awesome.

White a Minute

My cabbie kicks your cabbie's ass because my cabbie is fucking white! No, he's not albino. I don't think so. But he speaks fluent Tagalog/Filipino. He was quite nice too.

Serious Fashion Matters

Altuzarra, Wang, Jacobs

New York Fashion Week just wrapped up and it's London's time to stomp the runways. Has anyone spotted any Filipina model working the NYFW shows? Ford Supermodel of the World 2011 winner Danica Magpantay? Charlene Almarvez? I haven't been paying that much attention lately.

Out of the few shows I've seen, Altuzarra, Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs are my top three (in that order) favorites. The first two seemed to have been inspired by outerwear style. The similarities of some of the clothes are quite striking but both did really outstanding, very modern, fashionable yet functional clothes. Each managed to mark his collection with his own, unique flair; Altuzarra with his feminine, fearless glamazons, and Wang with his ultra-cool, hip-hop friendly, urban girls. As for Marc, Scott Schuman said it best; the heightened glam factor of the show made it seem more appropriate for Louis Vuitton. In fact, it reminds me of his Fall 2008 show for the said high-end fashion house. But that's the thing about Marc, he keeps you guessing. He gets you intrigued (even shocked) each time. He's quite the fashion show man and more often than not, he pulls it off spectacularly.

On the other hand, I'm not so keen on Rodarte's collection while Christian Siriano's just disappoints. Their shows for this season are a far cry from their previous ones.

Color, in bright, solid forms, apparently, will be very big. It's evident at the Jeremy Scott show. It's not to say I particularly loved his collection but I'm pretty sure those 'Enjoy God' pieces will be all over the place.

The trend continues in London judging from the painfully chic, excellently tailored pieces that paraded down the runway of Burberry. It's interesting that even this fashion mega-brand has decided to incorporate very unexpected hues for the cold season. " Do me daily What have you been into lately, Christopher Bailey?"

Has the typical fashion mood that winter traditionally evokes totally changed? Is it a sign that things are finally looking up for business? This makes me wonder if Paris, which is usually bathed in black and other muted tones, is in the same state of mind.

Photos: nymag.com



  1. I SOOOO need your recipe for herbed chicken! It looks great! =]

  2. Oh sure! Just email me so I can reply with the recipe. :)