Thursday, May 03, 2012


Did anyone see this coming? I didn't. Ke$ha is on the cover of V magazine's 'The Americana Issue'.

Such prestigious break may understandably raise some eyebrows but come to think of it, isn't that what's so good about V? It's unpredictable and intriguing. And Ke$ha herself is not known conforming, always full of surprises. I personally like that she has her own thing going on with her all-American, unbathed glory.

Also challenging the norm is Rogue magazine. It has been pretty consistent in coming up with arresting covers shaking things up in the local scene.

This month, Rogue features Isabelle Daza in a bloody situation; yet another vision to grab all the attention at the stands.

The concept is great. It's daring and fresh. WhatI don't like about this is the shoes and for some reason, her legs look shortened in this picture. Her face, however, is another story. Stunning. She kills it, indeed.

Meanwhile, Madonna graces the latest issue of Vanity Fair Italy with an 'M' coming out of her puckers. Madge looks fit and Photoshop-pretty.

Me: Look at those arms!
Straight Guys: Look at those tatas!

I love covers that give something to talk about.

Source: V, Rogue, Madonna

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