Monday, May 14, 2012

New Heights

My friend Rica and I met update each other about her trip to Vietnam, my trip to Boracay, and the usual gossip. When she decided we meet at MOA, I didn't complain despite the fact that it's a stretch for me. I took it as an opportunity to finally try Lugang Cafe which I've heard/good things about. I was particularly looking forward to having the soup dumplings or xiao long bao.

The dinner crowd occupied almost all the tables by the time we got there. The ambiance was more posh than I expected which was a welcome surprise. It's too bad we were seated at a bad table. We were sitting so close to the couple beside us I think they were eavesdropping on our conversation at some point.

As for the food, the xiao long bao was alright, the chicken was good and the shredded pork that I ordered was practically adobo with a hard-boiled egg at the bottom. My drink, lemon iced tea with mango jelly or something, was a little pricey at P130 but it was good. I'd come back but only to try the other dishes when I have an extra P400-P500 to shell out.

After dinner, we decided to stroll around. The next thing I know, we were lining up for the Ferris wheel at the bay side. It really looks pretty at night and it's a good attraction. I was slightly taken aback though upon finding out it costs P150 per head. I understand that each car(?) is air conditioned and equipped with a speaker and what looked like an emergency push-button but come on. That's a little too much I think especially since the amount is good for only one round. Yup. Better take all the pictures you can and enjoy the spectacular views from above while you're up there because unless you're willing to pay again for another round, that's your only chance.

Dessert followed our short ride. Rica's treat because I felt robbed for getting on that thing. No regrets though. It was a fun night of spontaneity and trying something new.

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