Thursday, May 31, 2012

Puerto Princesa in Pictures

Here are the rest of the pictures*, among hundreds, from that Palawan trip I'm still not over.

Hello Puerto Princesa! Our flight was delayed by an hour but fuck that.
My first meal at Royal Oberoi. They call it 'Kung Fu Chicken' not Kung Pao.
The girls decided to order more food. No dieting here.
I'm trying to show you our room, ok?
Breakfast. Love the oatmeal bread!
Our tour guide was late so... yeah.
Getting ready for Honda Bay.
One of us there is struggling. Guess who.
Thanks to Kuya for this shot.
Kuya's underwater photography using Nikki's cam.
One of the boatmen made this among other creatures.
Survivor or Temptation Island?
Starfish Island. We would have loved to hang here longer if we only we had more time.
Getting ready for the Puerto Princesa Underground River tour. And yeah, that's a public toilet.
Heading to the wonder of the world. Even the scenery on the way was beautiful.
These free roaming monitor lizards were behaving well.
And we're here. The entrance.
Inside the enchanting underground river.
Spot the holy family. This experience was mystifying, thrilling and creepy all at the same time---awesome, in short.
It started to pour by the time we were leaving the site.
Pool party until pruny.
Jireh hates the pool especially when there's an underwater cam. She despises it.
At Badjao's amazing footbridge leading to the entrance of the restaurant.
We almost missed our flight because of this meal but it was worth it.
Don't forget to get your overpriced souvenir! This trip was fun because of these people (Kuya included).

We should do this again.

*Some stolen from the Facebook albums of Nikki and Mads.

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