Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Gaga Tuesday Night

I'm not even over my Palawan high yet then another memorable thing happens.

It was almost 7PM and I was still in the office when my good friend Sayat called me. Her boss gave her two VIP tickets to the Lady Gaga concert and goes to yours truly. I couldn't believe it. Disoriented, I hurriedly went home to grab a jacket, a watch, and a camera. I didn't have enough time to change so I headed out in my sneakers, jeans and plain white shirt. What a travesty I thought. I was also sweaty because I was literally running since the show starts at 8.

It turns out Sayat didn't want to watch so she's giving the other ticket to Angel, another close friend of ours. It all happened so fast. The next thing I know, Angel and I were inhaling our KFC in the cab on the way to the  Mall of Asia Arena.

I don't think I'm the same Gaga fan that I was back in 2009 in the same way that she's not the same Gaga now but it's still Gaga (in every sense of the word) and this concert, I feel, is one for the books. Also, the thought of seeing a live performance of 'Bad Romance' promises to be sick.

Now, I knew we had VIP tickets but I didn't realize it's VIP VIP until we walked into Suite 341, our designated area.

We got hooked up! It's crazy. The suite had its own bar, two private restrooms and I'm not sure that's what they call them but each suite also comes with a dedicated butler. We shared the swanky space with Sayat's colleagues from Globe.

As expected, the show was spectacular. The stage is insane, the wardrobe is outrageous and the choreography and theatrics were marvelous. Sadly, no flaming titties but this show is still hard to top here in Manila. Plus, the fact that the producers had to add another night (the one we went to) makes it historic methinks. What I loved about it is the energy, both from the crowd and from Gaga herself; it was contagious.

Here's one of the videos I took.

By the end of the concert, my throat was already hurting and my legs aching. There were certainly a lot of room for sitting for us but I chose to stand the entire time. It just seemed more appropriate and more fun that way.

It was a crazy night. Unbelievable.

Tomorrow, a tsunami of photos, natch.

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