Sunday, June 24, 2012


Today was one of those rare Saturdays when I really didn't have anything planned; no meetings, no meet-up with friends whatsoever. I took advantage of this by doing my laundry and I even did a little cooking after some time of not getting to do so. Talking to my family over the phone has always been a good part of my weekend. I'm glad my pops is doing better.

In the afternoon, I thought I'd go to Rockwell Powerplant to pick up a few things. Then I remembered Fete dela Musique and tried to talk friends into going with me. It didn't work so there I was, all alone in a mall--very reminiscent of how I spent my days off back when I was still a call center slave. I had more money then.

I'm glad I went to mass today, particularly to that one in Powerplant presided by the Archbishop of Manila.
He was late but he was engaging and therefore worth the wait. Also, the gospel hit home. It's about how we usually equate real living with a good job, good health, etc. when it's really about fulfilling what we're really  set out to do on a larger scale of things. I've been thinking about what I don't have, feeling insecure and how I don't seem to have a clear idea of where I'm headed. While I acknowledge the fact that I still have so much to achieve, it's good to be reminded of what really matters most.

After mass, I went to the supermarket to accomplish my grocery list. The item I specifically went there for was not available so that sucked and I ended up wandering instead. I decided I've had it with my phone and finally bought a new battery, handing my money with eyes closed.

Hunger pangs led me to Sumo Sam and since none of my friends could make it, I indulged in California rolls on my own. Something I've been craving for days now. Once again, after a long time, I'm that guy in the corner, eating all by himself. I can't complain though. It was a good, satisfying meal.

Imagine if it was that easy. Hungry? Eat. Tired? Re-charge, or better yet, change your battery.

I went home satisfied despite my unsuccessful attempts at seeing friends. Good thing one of them popped by through Facebook (Hi Shey!). It's always nice catching up (read: whining) with old friends.

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