Saturday, June 30, 2012


When I found this movie (among several others) in my computer at the office, I had no idea what it's about which is actually always a good thing. Having no expectations almost always ends up in pleasant surprises. Such is the case with 'Catfish', a gem I found in a clutter of office files and programs.

Yaniv is a photographer based in New York City. Together with his friend and his brother, he goes on a haphazard journey determined to find the truth involving a family of strangers he had met online. After months of anticipation, Yaniv is finally about to meet the people he has known only through the Internet, phone calls and packages.

What I like about the movie is it made me laugh but it also creeped me out until the plot takes a shocking turn that left me astounded and intrigued. That may be mainly because I did think at some point that it's a documentary with actual footage of real events but a little Google search later confirmed otherwise. In any case, Catfish is definitely something worth watching.

Now I'm confused. The makers claim it's a real documentary but some people are saying it's all planned. Gawd, it seems like there was just as much drama behind the camera as in front.

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