Saturday, June 30, 2012

Random Rants

Project Dye

You know how hard it is to maintain white items in your closet and this is a classic example. I have this nice, white polo shirt which I actually had altered a few months ago but haven't been able to wear so much because of a small stain that's impossible to wash off. It looks like rust but whatever it is, it's a tough bitch.

So I've had it and decided to just remedy the problem by dyeing my shirt; if I can't remove that stain, I thought I should at least obscure it.

The whole process took me about half a day to complete. By the time I was done with my DIY project, it looks exactly that. I think I might completely ruined a slightly imperfect shirt. I'm not giving up now though. I just bought more Venus fabric dye and soon enough, I'll be on my third attempt to salvage this piece.

Consumer Corner: Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil

I first learned about Human Nature back in February when my sister in the US asked me to get her some of their products after she heard about it from a colleague. I decided to try the balancing facial wash myself and later on also tried the 100% natural sunflower oil. I still use both but it's the latter that's a revelation.

"It's a miracle oil" is the idea that formed in my head gathering from the reviews on the Human Nature website. People, apparently, put it on their hair, face, and body.

I personally have been using it on my face as a moisturizer and on some parts where the sun doesn't shine. It's been all fine and good until I recently discovered that the oil stains. Unfortunately, it's not the type that washes off with regular machine washing. I actually raised this issue on their site and I was advised to wash the stained clothes in warm water and squeeze some calamansi juice on the affected parts. They also suggested to make sure the oil gets absorbed by the skin first before letting that area get in contact with fabric.

Sounds like a lot of hassle to me but, oh well. It's not like I'm going to completely stop using it. In fact, my next bottle just arrived yesterday. After scouring Rustan's Supermarkets in Powerplant and EDSA Shangri-La to no avail (sold out), I resorted to ordering online which was a good idea.


Lately, I've been ditching TV for YouTube and it's all because of my favorite comedienne Kathy Griffin's self-titled new show on Bravo. It obviously doesn't air here but thanks to some angels who take the time to upload it, I've been literally laughing out loud because of this. It's hilarious.

Here's one of the latest episodes.

I've finished everything that's been uploaded so far and I am starting to panic.

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