Monday, March 12, 2007

Boredom, Babies, Hospitals

It's a sunny Monday afternoon here at home and I haven't taken a bath yet. Thought I'd go online and check mails and maybe chat.

It's been an hour and I'm still talking to myself. And the fact that this freakin' computer works like a dumb snail is not helping. Gawd, computer errors, fucked up connections and the like irritate me soo freakin' much. I am bored out of my wits right now. There's nothing good on TV either. I swear just checked it. I've already browsed through some websites and dissected and I'm still not happy. Ugh.

I don't know, but I have a feeling my life is in some sort of... what do they call it? Turning point? I don't know. I mean, college is almost over, then I have this job waiting in Manila, so I have to fly there and have a different lifestyle and all. Wow. it's nauseating. Everything. But of course before the major changes occur, I still have to deal with a gazillion of other things as of the moment. Case in point; my thesis. It's not even finished yet. And then I have to move out of that place I've been staying in for the last three years. Then "talk" to some friends about stuff. Gawd, there's just soooo much to do. Where do I start?

My baby nephew is about to go out of the hospital today. Thank God he's okay now. I can't stand crying babies OR hospitals. Depressing. Very depressing. Anyway, I love him much. Hospitals however---so freakin' depressing. I swear to God I can't stand it. The smell, the look, the interiors. Hospitals are just the opposite of cozy.

I stink and my face is oil centrale. I gotta go. Bye.

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