Monday, March 12, 2007

Random Rants

Plain Day

How boring and unproductive is this day? My god, all I did was eat, go online, then eat, go online, whine, worry... It's frustrating. Seriously. I didn't even chat online 'coz everybody's offline or the ones online are just plain boring, safe, assholes or perverts.

This is one of those days when you either want to sleep really, really late because you wanna make the most of the day hoping everything will come together or sleep early thinking there will be a better day when you wake up. I don't which I want to do.

Shout Out
Shout out to Dakota for visiting and leaving a comment. Gotta appreciate that. Nobody reads the shit I put here. I barely get comments; like rain during summer. It sucks. Whatever.


I'm gonna go to school tomorrow. Have to deal with a lot of stuff, and attend a meeting. I intend to wake up early but God knows what time I'll get out of bed.

I'm soo bored I'm just gonna post these pictures I took within the past weeks/months.

Say hello to my hometown's beach.

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