Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yesterday, March 28, 2007, was graduation. It's surreal now that I think about it. Wow, it's been four years and I've finally come to this. I'm officially a student no more. I can still remember how I felt during my first day in college. And I hate firsts days of class. That was really depressing. Imagine how difficult it is living somewhere else on your own. I think if there's one thing that college truly instilled in me, it's independence. I'm very happy about that.

A lot of people say high school will always be the best time of one's school life. Hmm... I disagree. I think high school is fun but a little shallow. College has depth. It's like high school one big movie, while college is reality, err... maybe reality TV. Nonetheless, college has been an amazing ride. I learned, I love, I won, I lost, I experienced college. Ugh. I am in such a dramatic mood right now.

I was actually reading this card that a really, really close friend gave me yesterday during the ceremony before we were playing Yes or No--It's this thing we do when we're bored where we ask each other whether we'd sleep with these random people that we spot or remember.-- And voila, I was in tears. Jeez, I'm such a sucker for good memories. It's actually the good memories that make me cry more, not the bad ones. God knows how much I appreciate the people that touched my life in the past four years. I'm going to terribly miss my friends.

I had such great times with you guys. You're one of the best parts of college. Nostalgia will haunt me because of you. Thank you so much for the both the good and bad times.

By the way, I missed the processional part of the ceremony because I was late. I was so freakin' busy pigging out and lounging at the hotel. Then I realized I forgot my shoes. Ugh. Long story. I was late and I my tie was not properly put. I had to ask help from somebody from another section.

Anyway, after the almost five-hour ceremony and the picture-taking extravaganza, my family and I went to dinner. We had a reservation, courtesy of moi, at Emilion Restaurant. It's this nice place by the river that serves great Filipino food. I filled myself like crazy with sinigang, crispy pata and what not. We enjoyed the yummy food and we savored it al fresco.

At about 11 PM, we went out bar-hopping, danced, drank. I was with family and friends and money. Hahah... That was so much FUN FUN FUN! I love partying with good company AND unlimited time and budget. Oh well, who doesn't?

We capped off the debauchery with coffee at La Terraza. There were only four of us then, family. That was also a nice time of laughing and talking.

I can't think/write very well right now because I still haven't slept decently as of late.

That's enough for now. Nighters.

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