Sunday, March 18, 2007

Random Rants

I think I'm really gonna graduate. Okay, that declaration came with a fear of getting jinxed. Whatever My thesis has been in a lot of progress thank god. I've been working on it really hard. Jeez, I've missed soo much sleep over that. Well, actually, I've lost soo much sleep on my thesis AND drinking/hanging out with friends.

I had a haircut three days ago. That fat bitch at the salon didn't do sucha great job on me. I don't like it. What do yu think? I'm planning to get another haircut in a few days when I have time.

Anyway, it's my Uncle's burial this afternoon. Still not sure what I'm wearing.

Remember the black jeans I was ranting about? You know, the one I got from Topman which I thought I lost? Ugh. Thank god Mom found it. In her closet! Jeez... I was freaking out when I was looking for it in my apartment. Thank god she found the damn jeans. Whew.


Take a peek.

This is what happens when you have too much time at 1 am.

Coming soon:


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