Friday, March 23, 2007


I am so gonna graduate! And I made it to the Dean's List! Whew. Surreal.

Yup. Finished the goddamn thesis the other day. I passed the bound copies yesterday. Gawd, after a century, I'm finally done with that research/production.

Anyway, graduation is in five days. I'm gonna wear this "obedient" long sleeved shirt I got from a store named Loalde. I refer to their stuff as affordable couture. They have reallt nice pieces there. But back to me. We're supposed to wear a tie with the shirt and I haven't decided yet which one to wear. I bought four.
What do you think? I'm really liking the plum one with the diamond pattern.

I'm gonna miss my friends terribly. I don't know what's ahead but whatever. What goes goes right? This is really it.

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  1. congrats! i'm so jelous. go with the plum one....its fun but still classy. ;)