Tuesday, September 30, 2008

M is for Missed and Missing

It’s been 2 weeks now since M and I last saw each other. He got back from Bicol over a week ago, and got sick, then got very busy and his little sister got hospitalized. He has two jobs so I understand he can barely squeeze in a good long nap. He called me twice since he got back but I wasn’t around on both occasions. The cosmos are keeping us away from each other. I know for a fact that he’s not the type who would send text messages constantly, a couple of messages in a day is already surprising.

It’s killing me. I would totally forget about his absence if not for the fact that I miss having him around. Even my sister asked me why he hasn’t been visiting lately!

I have been trying to meet up with him but I never had any luck. I’m not even sure anymore if I still want to have “The Talk” with him because honestly, I’m not sure if I still care. Sure I miss him but I don’t think I can put up with the absence if ever we do decide to move on further and be together.

Am I making any sense? I just need to know.



  1. omg!!!
    james, is m from bicol???? wait... oooh he's hot ha!!!

  2. Guess what...last december i received a text from a bicolano. his name is mac nuevo chuva chuva. and he told me he's hot kyeme. but the hell! m??? MAC????? lol. silly me.

  3. Erin - He's not from Bicol, he just went there for a weekend wake boarding trip, and he's not Mac! Hahahah...

  4. SOSSSYYYYYYAAALLLLL! Hahahaha! Mac kasi e. Hahaha! Kala ko siya si M. Anyway, J, di yan sooon magaappear ulit yan for you. =) Ikaw pa!

    Ok sige. Have to sleep