Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lady Gaga Rocks Manila

The concert was sick. Only Lady Gaga can get away with looking like a hot space prostitute or a act like a total whore molesting a piano and still inspire millions with her music, style and personality. She's amazing.

This is what Araneta looked like when I arrived. Excuse the poor quality of the pictures. I didn't bring the camera.

An hour later...

Thanks to a bunch of kind girls, I was able to sit comfortably the entire time. They let me sit beside them. A lot of people had to settle for the steps/stairs.

I really felt like a total loser at first because I was surrounded by groups of friends, families, couples and colleagues. But I got over it pretty fast and just enjoyed the show.

The show was brief but it's understandable since The Fame is just her first, and if I'm not mistaken, her only album to date. I was hoping she would open the show with Poker Face and close it with Just Dance but she concluded the show with the former instead and sang Paparazzi in the opening. She did Just Dance somewhere in the middle. It was a very entertaining show nonetheless. Seeing her perform live is such a spectacle. The concert was fun, funny and super hot. The sexuality was palpable, and it goes perfectly with Lady Gaga's superb talents as an artist and a performer.

This is me pretending to be not taking a picture of myself.

After the concert, I met up with a friend from work who was also there (but bought a different ticket) and we both raved about how great it was.

It was such an awesome event. Everybody stepped it up in terms of style. I love it. There were so many hotties too! Gawd.

Speaking of which, during the entire night, I was observing this mejo chinito cutie who sat two rows in front of me. His face is that of a commercial model's what with his immaculate skin and good set of teeth matched with a slender physique. Like I mentioned, I was just observing. So imagine my shock (and delight) when just before passing in front of me he asked where I got my glasses. I was like, "Hong Kong." And he was like, "What?" Then I repeated my answer, after which he smiled and left along with his friends. Then my heart stopped beating and I died.

So yeah, I had a grand time.

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