Saturday, August 22, 2009


The past week has been crazy. To summarize everything, I fell for someone, got my heart broken, then work has been getting in my nerves again and there has been too much alcohol in my system.

Last night, my workmates and I had a booze fest within the UST-EspaƱa area. It was at one of my colleague's place. Here's how everything went down.

Friday, 8:30 PM
We hop on two taxi cabs and leave the office.

I'm not sure what to expect. I think of going home around 12 or 1 AM.

9 PM
Tired and hungry, we stuff our faces with lechon manok and dine al fresco along P. Noval. The place is just a stone's throw away from UST so the neighborhood is pretty busy.

Saturday, 12:05 AM

Everything is good and fun, the kind that only vodka, music and funny conversations can bring about. Our team manager, who also came over, breaks a very bad news-- schedule rotation bullshit.

I excuse myself and meet up with a guy who lives nearby, a med student in UST. It's just a "hi, hello thing". Nothing special. He looks better in pictures.


The bitch who I was supposed to share a cab with already left when I return to the table. I think of going home but thought it wouldn't really hurt if I stayed for a bit more.

1 AM
Gay guy kisses two girls. Same gay guy kisses his boyfriend. Another gay guy and another girl exchange mocha flavored shisha smoke through their mouths.

2 AM
I'm still downing shots of vodka and dancing a little bit. The conversation gets heated up when some colleagues start talking about their issues at work.

A colleague shows me his "kit" which contained his stash of Valium along with his other paraphernalia.

2:30 AM
Four bottles of vodka down, two more to go. It starts to rain so we went inside the house. The drinking and conversation continued even though some of us are already starting to get too quiet and slowly passing out.

3 AM
It's still raining hard with lightning and thunder and all. We noticed that the area was already flooded. The water was at least knee deep.

I get nervous, take my last few puffs on the shisha.

4 AM
Our pregnant colleague starts telling us about her awful marriage and starts to cry.

5 AM
The six bottles of vodka are now empty.

It's shitty. The sun is about to rise and we're still stuck in water world.

6 AM
I must have passed out on my seat. I was one of the last people to do so.

8 AM
I wake up. The water is thigh high. I get frustrated.

9 AM
We have breakfast and play cards afterwards. I wish I have a chopper or at least have enough access to summon a chopper over.

I look at the pink refrigerator floating outside the yard.

10 AM
Pusoy dos and 1, 2, 3, pass get us entertained. We have baby powder all over our faces. It's hysterical. The water level is going down but very slowly so.

A commotion erupts outside. "Great", I think. "This would be a perfect time for a gang war." Fortunately, the other party decides to flee.

11 AM
We move on to another card game. The loser drinks half a glass of water-- not the water from the baha but we did consider that.

I feel helpless. Survivor much?

My throat starts to hurt again.

12:50 PM
We have lunch and decide to brave the flood after eating sinigang (our host was very kind). Thank God the water is just about five inches deep now. Tricycles and pedicabs start to pass by the street.

1:40 PM
This is it. I remove my shoes and walk in the damn flood hoping I don't cut or scratch my feet and get leptospirosis. God knows how filthy the water is.

We take pictures and bid each other goodbye.

Then the three of us decide to get on the first jeepney that stopped in front of the house. With my bag and shoes in tow, I get inside the vehicle barefoot.

2 PM
The traffic is insane. I wipe my feet and put on my shoes while the jeepney is barely moving. I pity the residents while watching them throw around buckets of water that managed to get in their homes.

2:25 PM
Dry land! We each get a cab along Quezon Avenue.

2:45 PM
The traffic is fucking depressing. I'm close to passing out in the cab. I catch myself starting to doze off.

3 PM
Home at last! I take a quick bath and doused my feet with rubbing alcohol.

I fall asleep with the TV on.

Oh, Manila... Detox, I need.


  1. I LOVE IT!! Months ago, I used to spend my lonely days and nights near UST kasi maraming HOT! But now, sa may University Mall na, in front of Benilde. Damn mas maraming hotttttttttttt!!

  2. Marami nga dun. I used to leave somewhere along Vito Cruz.