Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Table For One Please

Yesterday I found some excuse to go out because I had some errands to accomplish for my parents.

The day's outfit: oversize, striped shirt from Hollister, super skinny jeans from ukay (P100!), shoes from Springfield, hat from tiangge and bag from Girbaud.

Good thing I brought the camera. Otherwise, I would have had to settle for my phone again.

Hunger pangs brought me to Cibo, Greenbelt 5 where I entertained myself by drawing using the crayons they provide and by talking over the phone to a friend who is currently in Antique raising her baby and kamote.

I had the Porchetta sandwich which is like lechon between pita bread. What makes it special is the delight that it comes with three kinds of delicious sauces/dressing that compliment the dish.

I also love their mint ice tea. Although the one that I had yesterday lacked some mint syrup.

I really like Cibo. If I were to have my own restaurant, it would be something like it.

Another reason I had to go out yesterday is to get a haircut. My hair was getting out of control. I considered having it at Park Jun's upon remembering it being featured on Chuvaness. I was too shy to walk in and ask so I went online and did a little research about their services and prices. It turns out for men's haircuts, they charge P450-P1,050. I thought P450-P650 won't be so bad. I just wanted to give it a try.

I wanted to be sure so I called to schedule an appointment. Unfortunately, the only stylist available was the one who charges an arm and a leg. No freakin' way, not today.

I ended up in Bench Fix instead since Piandre was fully booked.

This one I took using my phone. Haggard much?

I went home feeling poor.

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