Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogging On The Go

Hello bitches.

There's tons of shit waiting for moi in Manila. Looking for a new place and a new job are just two of the most important things I have to attend to when I get back. But hello, I'm still on vacation so fuck all that.

We're actually all getting ready to go to Boracay right now, so I can't rant so much.

Time flies when you're having fun indeed. The past weeks have been happy, heart-warming, touching, fantastic. I'm tired but it's the good kind of tired. Everything didn't exactly go as planned but I still feel so blessed.

On that note, let me indulge in the first dump of pictures from this vacay. These ones are from our Hong Kong trip.

The location of our hotel isn't exactly as glamorous as Causeway Bay, Central or even Tsim Sha Tsui. But even for a less developed area which is near the markets, it's still quite metropolitan, reminiscent of New York's chinatown. Besides, this is what they call "the real Hong Kong".

It was interesting seeing the locals go about their business--loading appliances into trucks, making noodles, the works.

It's great that I got to have my own room!

Sufficient closet space.

The city lights from my window.

 Morning drama. lol

Photo taken by my newphew.



Ladies Market

Haggle haggle!

 Mong Kok

The vendors at the Ladies Market have not changed. They're still very persistent to say the least.

Ok, I totally look like shit here.

I love Hong Kong. I really do. I love the weather, the shopping, the food. It's just not a very cheap place but I miss it nonetheless.

Everyone's now running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I gotta go.


Thank you Tin for the complimentary beef sandwich, carbonara and C2 on the flight going to HK. I would have totally starved myself again if it weren't for a sweet friend like you.

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