Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Notes To Self

-Stop going to malls unless absolutely necessary.
I went to Chinabank today to settle my account for my laughable savings. Once done with legit business, I decided to drop by Greenbelt. Bad idea.
-Avoid, by all means, sidetrips at Topman and Zara.
Everytime I walk into these stores I secretly wish their stuff would suck so I don't have to hyperventilate and succumb to the lure of fashion and consumerism. There were two shirts I liked at Topman today. I only bought one so I consider that progress.
-Food first before clothes or sex.
My stomach is fucked up again! It's most probably acid or ulcers. FML.
-No gay gazing at the supermarket!
Shorts. Sneakers. Scruff. Second glances. Sigh.
-Find a way to attend Philippine Fashion Week this 27th.
The youngest designer ever to show, 19-year old Xernan Orticio, has invited me to see his collection. I am dying to come but the entire family's supposed to go to Batangas that day. There has got to be a way--especially since I just met another designer last night who also invited me to his show. Grrr...

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