Saturday, May 01, 2010

Labor Day Thoughts

Happy Laboy Day everyone!

This holiday used to mean a trip to the beach, fishing and just having a great time with family. Now, it just means double pay--not that it matters since I don't have work today. Thank God for that because it's no fun walking in this piercing heat. In fact, such extreme temperature may have altered my dating mentality

Lately, I've been talking to mostly, younger guys. I really prefer older ones but for some reason the 20-22 year olds seem less unappealing to me now--well, the cute ones at least. I even met up and had dinner with a ballet dancing, play writing, theater student from UP three days ago.

Speaking of UP, I was with a bunch of UP kids last night at Cubao X. Erin and I had so much fun. I love it there.

If you're reading this, Marcel/Stefan/Lady Jeje, happy birthday again and thank you for last night!

That's all for now.


  1. Ako I prefer older foreign crowd like 25-30! Hahahaha! Medyo naloka ako sa theater student from UP. Bwahahahaha!!! Happy bithday Marcel!! Nakakaloka rin sya! Starstruck ako kay Santi!