Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do I Really

Wait, do I really want to blog about my while on vacation?

Do I really want to rave about how super cute, adorable and fun my nephews are? Or about how happy I am our family was finally, completely together the past two days eventhough things are not exactly perfect? And about how it's so good to be home and reunite with the people I grew up with?

Do I really want to talk about how I was denied entry at a local club last night because of my sleeveles Details-Porcupine vest and Zara sando ensemble? And how my parentals sweetly drove back to the club to bring me a shirt so I could finally party the night away with cousins, sisters, in-laws and friends in a passe, lackluster, unexciting outfit?

Do I really want to whine about how I'm surely going to miss fashion week because of a little getaway taking place in the next few days which is why we're flying back to Manila tomorrow?

Do I really want to rant about all these? Oh, I dunno.

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