Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The (Gay) Social Network

You know what I hate? Having to go back to square one---but hopefully with a lesson or two in mind.

After weeks of neglecting my my homo-tastic online account, it has recently been revived and now back in business. It's one of the things I hate love hate love hate love hate after a break-up falling out.

Most of the time, it's an eye-roll fiesta what with the bullshit 99% of these guys say. And don't even get me started with those pictures where they're "smizing" like drop-outs from the Tyra Banks School of Modelling. Isn't it funny how everyone wants to be a model and/or photographer these days? Yeah, it's fun and laughter at times but there are moments when you just want to shoot the computer and hope the bullet comes shooting out of his screen.

You had me at 'hello', you lost me at 'sex po tau'.

There are a number of hot guys out there, sure. But a lot of them should really just shut up or leave their profiles with the basic information. Otherwise, they end up proving to you that God, after all, is fair. If he is too fond of replacing the 's' with a 'z' I'd rather get some Zs than talk to him. Like, zeriously.

Also, cut the crap with the "I'm just a simple guy" statement. It's not cute. It's pretentious in most cases. That sensitive guy front ain't gon' fly wit' me! Oh, and you know how they send you a message with unnecessary formality introducing themselves courteously and tell you poignant thoughts about love and hope? Aww... No.




  1. Hey, your blog is cool. This post was really funny. I'm not joining any dating sites soon...

  2. Hey thanks Maria. You should give it a try when you're too bored. :D

  3. lol i remember this. i guess i gave up on "dating" sites a long time ago. it's a frigging meat market and unless you're in the mood to be weighed, you'd have more chances picking someone up on the street. lol

  4. Ok you seriously have to tell me which street you're talking about. Hahah... But yeah, these sites pretty much suck most of the time (pun not intended).