Monday, November 01, 2010

PFW SS 2011

Honestly, at first, I was thinking "What the hell am I doing here?" Then half-naked models strut down the runway.


My Philippine Fashion Week "debut" was so full of hunger and lining up that at the end of the shows, which was around 11PM, I was ready to devour a whole pack of gum just to have something to digest besides my own intestines. I felt like a real model then.

Rommel, Erin, moi

We arrived around 4:30PM just in time for the Junjun Cambe show followed by Lito Perez's. The former's collection was quite good but it's sad how the PR people didn't even bother to fill some of the empty front and second row seats. Kelly Cutrone does not approve!

Tokyo Cafe

I went with Rommel and of course Erin who naturally knew a lot of people at the shows. He introduced us to the fun (and flirty? lol) Gabbie Sarenas who is also a fashion designer.

This was around 6PM. My next meal was around 1AM at Makati Avenue.

Me and Gabbie
Attending these fashion shows is really not an easy feat, especially for plebs like us (excluding Gabbie) who have to register and stand in line to get in.

Non-Front Row

It's surprising. I never really expected that much people to flock SMX. I got a little scared for my life at the Penshoppe show because it felt like the bleachers were about to collapse. Penshoppe, by the way, is going for a Parisian summer next year. A lot of the items really reminded me of Mango. Are they targeting a new market segment? It's an interesting shift.

What we mainly came for was the Visions and Trends Show which our friend Xernan Orticio is a part of. My favorites are Bo Parcon (Goth  and grey!), Kermit Tesoro (McQueen inspired?), Don Protasio (The shoes are fantastic!), Xernan Orticio (Amazing construction!) and this other one (whose name I completely forgot) who showed Pucci-colored catsuits. The rest? Meh or utterly gauche methinks.

As for the models, it was great seeing Charlene Almarvez in the flesh but the best catwalk-er would have to be Ria Bolivar, followed closely by Grendel Alvarado. Best abs goes to Carlo Adorador.

Those are the combat boots in the big, black bag I'm talking about in my last post.

After the shows, friends and some acquaintances were egging us to come with them to Cubao X but I was simply too friggin' tired and hungry for that. So Erin and I just went to Makati Avenue ang pigged out. We're not models after all. But let me tell you this, my being famished the entire time allowed me to breathe better in those pants.


  1. I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. I love your posts. It is very unique..

  2. That's so sweet. Thanks Kelsey!

  3. the fun and flirty oh yeah haha!!!